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    The Invaders Celebrate after winning Premier Bowl IV 35-14

    The new Northern States Football League

    2015 Season Opener


    NSFL Events

    • Nov
    • 29
    Open Tryouts
    • Dec
    • 6
    Fargo Invaders Combine
    • 1:00pm- 4:00pm (CST) Ical_event_icon
    • TBD
    • The Fargo Invaders will be holding a combine for players interested in joining the 2015 Season.

      Time & location are still to be determined...

    • Tag(s): Invaders 
    • May
    • 2
    Northland Blitz at Mid-America Fighting Orioles
    • May
    • 9
    Midwest Monarchs at Midwest Nightmare
    • 6:00pm- 9:00pm (CDT) Ical_event_icon
    • NSFL South Matchup. Coach Willie Holmes is leading the First Year Monarchs after taking the Broncos to the Championship last year.
    • Tag(s): NSFL  NSFL South  Nightmare  Monarchs 
    • May
    • 16
    Fargo Invaders at Granite City Renegades

    The first Rankings are out, based on a ballot from the league teams.

    The #1 spot belongs to the Defending Champion Fargo Invaders.  No major changes in personnel will benefit the Invaders in Year 2.

    The Midwest Nightmare take #2 in the rankings.  Coming off a 6-2 regular season, the Nightmare look to continue their success.

    #3 in the rankings goes to the Mid-America Fighting Orioles.  The Orioles have already signed over 25 players, several have been big names from the Sting & Titans, including Jauhem Byrd the top receiver from the NEFL.

    At #4, the Renegades are hoping to stay healthy. With Jermaine Holmes & Jonas Marshall healthy the Renegades become a dangerous team.

    #5 belongs to the Brawlers, if they can sign some of their All-Stars from the 2013 season, they could be a team that does some damage. 

    Midwest Monarchs fall in at #6. Coach Willie Homes brought the Broncos to the Championship last season, and also signed several key Free Agents this off-season; including the Invaders' Jay Greenhill.

    #7 goes to the Broncos, as they face the most off-season questions, losing Head Coach Willie Holmes along with several free agents.

    Rounding out the Top 8 are the Northland Blitz, who hope to combine talent in the Duluth area and become an established force.

    The Season doesn't start for over 6 months, so everything is still up for grabs. 

    One thing is for sure, the Northern States Football League will be a tough league in 2015.

    Each team is asked to rank the Other 7 teams. A 1st Place vote gets 7 points, 2nd Place gets 6 points, and down.


    NSFL Pre-Season Rankings - October 31, 2014

    Power Rankings

    1. Fargo Invaders 0-0-0 1
    2. Midwest Nightmare 0-0-0 3
    3. Mid-America Fighting Orioles 0-0-0 2
    4. Granite City Renegades 0-0-0 6
    5. Minnesota Brawlers 0-0-0 5
    6. Midwest Monarchs 0-0-0 4
    7. West Central Broncos 0-0-0 7
    8. Northland Blitz 0-0-0 8

    Power Ranking Voting

    Team 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place 6th Place 7th Place Total
    Fargo Invaders 7 49
    Midwest Nightmare 4 3 39
    Mid-America Fighting Orioles 1 3 1 1 1 34
    Granite City Renegades 3 1 3 28
    Minnesota Brawlers 1 3 2 1 23
    Midwest Monarchs 1 1 3 1 1 21
    West Central Broncos 3 1 2 1 20
    Northland Blitz 3 4 10


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